Wednesday, April 22, 2009




process of erecting roof beam.


this is how finished formwork with the reinforcement bar , BRC and tauhu. Before concreting better to provide conduit for wiring.

this is how its look from outside when formwork for first floor level finish. theres no space at ground flooor where we can work. have to finish this part then we can bring in the bricks.


first floor beam has been started. series of "yam-cha" to be raked together to stiffen the beam formwork as the workers can continue the flooring formwork platform. These beam has to be levelled
finished concrete column

standby "yam-cha". i miss to photograph the flooring part.


spare some extra fillings inside to reduce imports of soil and hardcore
now we have the exact level marked on column stump starter bar. Get the ground beam formwork done while refine the internal level and to receive concrete flooring.


finished pad footing with stump to finish at soofit of ground beam level. levelling and marking to determined floor heigh to be done before finalizing stump top end. Various size of footing to engrs drawings.
slowly poured grade 30 mixed concrete

its a 6' x 6' x 1.5' pad footing. DPM to be layed before commencing any concrete works as to provide clean surface to work. T 16 reinforced bar has been layed at 4". adequate nos of "tauhu" or spacer to provide 2" bar offset from surface. starter bar for stump to be installed, positioned and hold with 2" x 1" "kokchai".